Zendedel Apartment

A residential building The facade is designed in a completely classical style inspired by Iranian and Roman architecture. The decorations and details of these views are well-suited. To illustrate the dignity of the building, decorative pillars are used to display strength and strength. One positive point that can be said is that the classic view […]

2017 - 2018 Iran - Mashhad

Sartaee Apartment

Amenities: – Business lounge – Banquet hall on the first floor -SPA and Wellness Club next to the Rose Garden’s Health and Wellness Center – Water Collection, Finnish Sonia, Turkish Sinai, jacuzzi and massage showers -Fitness Club – Two parking garages for each unit – VIP Transport Service -Security and 24hour – Coffee Shop – […]

2016 - 2018 Iran - Mashhad

Kamelmanesh Villa

The villa building is based on white architecture and is designed in a mini-style . In the front of the building , the porches of the Mime tree are used to combine the green space and the blue surface that covers the space below the air with the desired air and create the interior space […]

2018 - 2018 Iran -shiraz

Ferdowsi’s reconstruction

The project is designed for 45 acres with cultural, recreational, commercial, educational, service and administrative facilities. The concept is a Persian garden and cultural concepts that start from Ferdowsi’s tomb located on the site and ends up to the old gate. In this complex , Haroonia Prison and the Kashaf Rood Gate itself are inside […]

2014 - 2016 iran - Mashhad

Pinocchio children’s library

All what was expected to be achieved , is a contextualized designed space syncing to the surroundings which plays a pedagogic & formative role of architecture. And the main purpose is increasing and transferring of knowledge by not only books but also the other methods e.g. show , playing and using the most modern digital […]

2017 - 2018 Italy, Florence

Savalan Restaurant

Savalan is the third highest mountain peak in Iran, which is called Sabalan, which Iranian locals call it this name. For this reason, the original concept of this project is taken from mountain and mountain range. The location of this project in Baku is center of the Azerbaijan country near the sea is. As a […]

2018 - 2018 Azerbaijan, Baku

Liliyase Beauty Salon

In this project , Liliyase Beauty Salon , we tried to strengthen the sense of inviting and creating privacy , in keeping with the preservation of the eye-catching design concept , which in this sense , in the central part of the wall of the building , Touchable and incoming indicators. Meanwhile, as the audience […]

2016 - 2017 iran - Mashhad


This project is being renovated in the Netherlands with the approach of Iranian architecture in the heart of Europe to revive some of the memories of our compatriots , as well as foreign visitors , more familiar with the weather of Iranian architecture. The elements used in this project include: – traditional crafts. – Traditional […]

2016 - 2018 Netherlands _ Beverwijk

Toos Mosque

The mosque is the house of God. Thus, the architect must display the greatness and glory of the Imam in the foundation, in order to double its effect on the prayers, and to feel the relationship with the Almighty Lord in the presence of believers. For this reason, the glorious entrance and the minarets call […]

2015 - 2016 iran - Mashhad


  The overall concept of this design has been a reference to the architecture of Folding’s style . Only two planes from the ground have made all the spaces needed for the villa. These sheets lay aside the project to the ground and the green cover . They have been around the site and they […]

2018 - 2018 iran - Mashhad

Dental Clinic

  Toothache is one of the diseases that greatly aggravate and feels severe pain in the patient and wants to recover as soon as possible. Therefore , it is best to be careful in designing the place to be treated for it. In this way , with due respect to the patient, the design space […]

2016 - 2017 iran - Mashhad

Pourali Villa

The location of this project is in the town of Shandiz, and due to the climate and topography of this land area, our project is no exception. The entry of this site is from the highest altitude code available on the site, which is why the first floor is applicable at the top of the […]

2017 - 2017 iran - Mashhad